Take a look at all of our trees for sale in Cedar Rapids, IA

Make your yard look better and bolder by purchasing trees from Fleming Nursery. We have several different types of trees for sale. You can choose the size and species you like best.

Our trees are grown locally using biodegradable bags. These bags ensure that less plastic pots go to the landfill and you can feel good about beautifying your yard. When you visit our tree farm, you'll get the chance to pick out the tree you want directly from the field.

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We offer tree delivery services throughout Cedar Rapids, IA

You don't have to strap your newly purchased tree to the roof of your car in order to bring it home. We'll take care of tree delivery .Delivery starts at $100.00 and can go up depending on load size and location. Having your tree delivered saves you a lot of trouble when it comes to transporting your tree from the tree farm to your yard.

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